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Please scroll down for more reviews of Aurios isolation berings, ECS amlifiers and Harmonic Technology

Hi Fi +
March/April 2003 Issue 22
Pages 95/96/97
Model reviewed EA2
Reviewed by Roy Gregory

"....The Fit and exceptionally good."
"Listening to the EA-2 was never less than a pleasure..."
"Tonally, it's spot on."
"Admirable qualities and distressingly rare in the world of Hi-Fi..."
Hi Fi +
October/Novermber 2005 Issue 35
Pages 95/96/97
Model reviewed EA1
Reviewed by Jason Kennedy

“…these power amps are very impressive devices…”

“…give them something with energy, space and power to reproduce and they quite literally rock…”

“…the extra speed and low level resolution that the monos are capable of is stunning…”
"...It would be a mistake to underestimate their hightly capable performance..."
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Hi Fi News
June 2003 Vol.48 No.6
Pages 30/31
Reviewed by Andrew Harrison
Model reviewed EA2

"...Quality of anodising and printing on the case really is first class.."
" trumped my usual reference of Chord SPM 1200C..."
"...I was hearing pinpoint imaging not witnessed before..."
"...Capable of beguiling realism..."
Hi Fi Choice
May 2004 Issue 253
Pages 48/49
Reviewed by Jason Kennedy
Model reviewed EA1 Monoblocks
“…the extra speed and low-level resolution that the monos are capable of is stunning…"
"...extremely natural and clear…coherent and swift…lets the sound breath…”
“ ….highly capable in all respects…”

Hi Fi Choice
August 2004 Issue 256
Pages 25/26/27
Reviewed by David Vivian
Model Reviewed EA1 Monoblocks
"...the monoblocks exert phenomenal grip on the speakers..."
"...The sound is expensive, authoritative and naturally dynamic..."
"...look no further..."
" will probably remortgage your house..."
Hi Fi Choice
Summer 2006 special "statement" Issue 282
Pages 119
Reviewed by Jason Kennedy
Model Reviewed ECSpre line level pre amplifier
"...the level of detail is frightning. From the intake of breath to the acoustic of the room..."
"...notes are delivered with a degree of presence that make thm seem uncannily real..."
"'ve only to listen to a bass player such as Jaco Pastrious or a left hand driven pianist throug the ECS combination to hear that the low frequancies are bang on the money..."
Hi Fi World
May 2007 Vol. 17 No. 3
Pages 58/59/60
Reviewed by David Price
Model Reviewed ECSpre line level pre amplifier
"...the ECSpre is without a doubt an immensly capable device..."
"...ability to synth through music that I've nveer heard before..."
" a caveat, I actually think most people's system won't be good enough to show this superlative transparency..."
"...overall then, in some respects, the best preamlifier I have heard and a total joy..."

Harmonic Technology Photon AMP
Hifi News March 2009
Page 80
Reviewed by John Bamford

"...It sounded as if a layer of grain and high-frequency hash had been removed."

Harmonic Technology Truth Link
July 2000
The fact that the price of admission is far below the competition - which is around $2k - makes these cables a true best buy.

Harmonic Technology Pro Silway III
The positive Feedback
Issue 21-Reviewed by Robert Levi
.."The top end is superb, and highly detailed. It's also ultra-quiet. The Pro-Silway IIIs sound more similar to the Silversmith Palladium interconnects in the highs than I'd like to admit. I don't like comparing $475 cables to $4000 cables, but with the Pro-SIlway IIIs, you can!"...
Harmonic Technology Cyberlight
Michael Framer, Stereophile magazine

I'm prepared to eat crow. No matter how I try to deny it, after many months of listening to these cables with a wide range of associated gear, their superiority to anything else out there that I've heard is undeniable.

Harmonic Technology Cyberlight
The Positive Feedback

Positive-Feedback: Max Hardware: Harmonic Technology's New CyberLight Interconnects:"...the Harmonic Technology CyberLights are the cleanest, least olored cables I've ever had in my system... Once again, "Good job!" to the gang at Harmonic Technology. This time they've raised the bar to a level I didn't think was possible. ...." as reviewed by Max Dudious, Issue 17

Positive-Feedback: CyberLight P2A and Wave interconnects: "Revolutionary is the only word to describe these state-of-the-art interconnects from Harmonic Technology. This first use of fiber optics and laser technology within the audio band is a winner! ......" as reviewed by Robert H. Levi, Issue17
Harmonic Technology Cyberlight
Reviewed by Dr. Marja Vanderloo and Dr. Henk longbeard boot August 2006

Listening with this cable proved a feast. Background silence and detail retrieval were profound. All music arose from a jet-black silence following the formula No signal = no light = no signal. The resultant dynamics were wonderful.

A remarkable thing occurs when you listen at very low levels, say background music over dinner. This cable reveals far more detail at such levels than any other cable in this comparison.

Harmonic Technology Pro9 Reference Speaker cables
Reviewed by Robert H. Levi Positive Feedback 2009
The Pro 9 Plus SE2009 are amazingly musical and defined...Its lack of grain and etch is trend setting. I'd trade in your 2007 version for this one in a heartbeat, You should consider these even if you want to spend much more! my highest recommendation.
Aurios Isotone Isolation Bearings
Reviewed by David Price HIFI World June 2009
"...bass noticeably tighter and tauter, and locking the midband in to better focus..."